Document routing sample

A sample project that is available when you install Project Builder, gives an example of how the routing of batches, folders and documents can be implemented via script. Within the Project Builder you can view the script and configured settings. However, to see the results for the batch and document routing, you have to process a batch for a batch class that is synchronized to this sample project via Kofax Capture. For more details, see Project Builder Help - Sample Projects.

After you have extracted the Document Routing sample zip file, you can find the project file in the Document Routing folder and sample documents for testing in the Documents folder. The sample project script can be viewed by double-clicking the script icon in the project structure. The Project Tree shows the fields, locators, and methods. Three validation steps are configured and each step can have its own validation form that enables different routing options to be set. The document set contains 3 sample invoices representing the type of documents typically received via mail, email or fax and then scanned into the system. These documents contain standard information such as name and address, dates, invoice, item and order numbers, and net amount.

The validation form for Validation step 1 is configured so that you can move the complete batch to another processing module. Alternatively, you can split the current batch and move a folder with its documents or single documents to a new batch. For this new batch you can either define the next processing module or you can assign a new batch class. Processing of the new batch class restarts after the Kofax Capture Scan module. Validation steps 2 and 3 can be used to test the values selected in the first validation step to show the different routing possibilities. If you select a module as next processing module that is not available in the queue of the batch class, the batch is automatically routed to Kofax Capture Quality Control.

Note Automatic folder creation is not implemented for this sample project. To test folder routing you have to create a folder manually in Validation and move at least one document to this folder. You can also test the runtime script events.

In order to test document routing you have to process a batch via Kofax Capture Batch Manager. The corresponding batch class needs the following modules in its queue:

  • Scan

  • KTM Server

  • KTM Validation

  • KTM Validation 2

  • KTM Validation 3

  • KTM Verification

  • Quality Control

Note You can assign a new batch class to a child batch only if you have configured and published an additional batch class.

See the Scripting Help - Routing Batches, Folders and Documents for more details about how to route batches and document.