Zones tab - A2iA Zone Locator Properties window

The Zones tab is used to define the type of registration and manage the zones added to the reference document.

For the best results, you should add zones using the Document Viewer (Zone Mode) window. This is because the Document Viewer (Zone Mode) enables you to see the size, position and type of a zone on the reference sample as well as the Zone Properties.


This group enables you to select one of the following registration options:


Use this registration type when manual anchors only are used for zone registration or if no registration should be performed at all.


Use this registration type with default values for global and local registration and to correct small shifts, skewed documents, and linear stretching using graphical elements and background elements. This is the default value for this option.

Any documents with fixed features, such as application forms, can use this type of registration.


This type of registration is able to correct shifts, skewed documents, and linear stretching. This is because the document is aligned based on the typewritten text. For example, when preprinted text is equally distributed on the form, this provides a kind of static background registration. Full text recognition reads are required for all pages.

The following option is also available:

Local match

Select this option is you want to use local registration that can account for local distortion such as a slight shift or skew. This option is selected by default.

A2iA Reader

Select one of the following values for the A2iA Reader.

  • FieldReader. Use this option if the entire words and/or phrases should be matched instead of recognizing words character-by-character. This is useful for the recognition of cursive handwriting. This is the default value for this option.

  • CheckReader. Use this option to check documents in a payment system as such as for check processing. When you select this option, the Custom Subfields tab is enabled.

A2iA CheckReader

This group enables you to configure how a check is processed. This group is available only when the A2iA Reader value is set to CheckReader

A2iA Document Type

This list enables you to select the document type. The value for this option is set to "Check" by default.

Process the first page only

When selected, the first page of a document is processed only. This option is cleared by default.

The zones on your reference document are listed in the table below the configurable options. If you select CheckReader, the background removal setting is displayed, but it cannot be changed. If you select FieldReader, you can change the background removal setting for that zone by selecting Enabled or Disabled from the drop-down field in the Background Removal column. To use this feature, background removal needs to be configured.

Use the following buttons to manage the zones:


Click Add to add a new zone.


Click Delete to delete a zone.


Click Rename to rename a zone.


Click to open the A2iA Configuration tool where you can configure the settings for properties such as the field type, print type, or the country.

Note The configuration tool of the A2iA Zone Locator recognition engines provides a separate help.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.