Open a document in the Document Viewer

If you want to view a document in more detail when looking at a document subset, you can open that document in one of the Document Viewer modes by following these steps:.

  1. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  2. Select the document set and document subset that you are viewing.

    The documents in the selected document subset are displayed in the selected view.

  3. As needed, switch to the List view Documents Window - Flat View icon or the Hierarchy view Documents Window - Hierarchy View icon.

    If you are testing document separation, use the Hierarchy view. Otherwise, use the List view.

    The selected document set is displayed.

  4. Select the desired document, right-click, and select Show Document Show Document icon.

    Alternatively, you can double-click a document.

    The Document Viewer window is displayed.

    Note Depending on other open windows, the Document Viewer window may are displayed as the Table Viewer or the Zone Viewer window.