Database Evaluator

Database Evaluator icon The Database Evaluator identifies a database record that matches the input data for a document. Unlike the Database Locator, which attempts to match a database record with recognition data from the full page or a smaller region, the Database Evaluator uses data from the results of other locators.

A set of conditions assigned to the input subfields need to be met to match a record in the database. Depending on the replacement options for each field, the Database Evaluator can:

  • Always replace a subfield with the value from the database record

  • Replace the subfield if it partially matches

  • Keep the original subfield value

This evaluator is commonly used with an Advanced Zone Locator providing the input subfields. It is most useful for hand printed forms where the quality of the full page recognition is usually very low.

Manage a Database Evaluator in the following ways:

The Database Evaluator Properties window contains the following tabs: