Locator Details

The locator details are displayed in the Details window whenever you select a locator Project Tree - Locator icon in the Project Tree. The locator details window has several options.


This group has the following options:

Definition Class

Displays the class where the locator is defined. If the locator is inherited, then the top level class name is displayed.

Locator method

Assign a locator method by selecting a method from the list. The selected method is applied to the assigned field.

Note System messages display warnings. For example, if you select the Database Locator method, you are notified that there is no database selected until you set up the database.

Use the following buttons to configure the locators in your project:


Click Properties to open the Properties window for the selected locator.

Copy Method

Click Copy Method to copy the locator and its settings from the parent class to the child class. This converts it to a local locator, making it possible for you to adjust its properties for the current class.

The locator is assigned to the following fields

This group shows all fields associated to this locator. If the selected locator method is not yet associated with a field, you are notified.