Test automatic foldering

Once you have enabled folders, added folders, added folder fields, configured your script, and you have processed the test documents for this project, you can test the auto-foldering results to see if your script and the folders behave as expected.

Important If you select the Auto-Foldering option before configuring your script, it has no effect. Ensure your script is finalized before attempting to test your foldering configuration.

You can test your foldering configuration by following these steps:

  1. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  2. Select the Hierarchy View for a default subset of a test or benchmark set you want to use for testing.
  3. You can test automatic foldering by choosing one of the following steps:
    • On the Process tab, select Auto-Foldering. Alternatively, press F3.

    • Test automatic foldering as well as customized folder validation forms and folder validation rules using Test Validation by performing the following steps.

      1. On the Process tab, select Validate to open Test Validation. Alternatively, press F8.

      2. From the Batch menu, select Edit Batch to show the Edit Batch mode that allows to change the batch structure.

      3. From the Batch menu, select Perform Auto-Foldering.

  4. Save the changes to your project.