Preliminary extraction testing

Using a document set that contains typical documents for your project, you can test your extraction results. You can test a single document, a group of documents, or even folders

Once you are happy with the extraction results for your test documents, you can create a set of golden files. Use these golden files to run an extraction benchmark that identifies where you need to refine and improve your extraction settings.

You can perform preliminary extraction testing by following these steps:

  1. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  2. If a different view is in use, switch to the List view Documents Window - Flat View icon.
  3. Add or select the document set that contains some test documents.

    The document set expands so you can see its document subsets.

  4. Select the document subset that contains the desired test documents.

    The test documents are displayed.

  5. Select one or more documents in the Documents window and then from the Ribbon Process tab, select one of the following options from the Test - Extract Selection icon Extract submenu:
    • Test - Extract Selection icon Extract Selection

    • Test - Extract Documents Recursive icon Extract Documents Recursively

    • Test - Extract Selected Folders icon Extract Selected Folders

    • Test - Extract Folders Recursive icon Extract Folders Recursive

    A progress bar is displayed showing the extraction progress.

  6. The results of this preliminary testing can be viewed in the Extraction Results window.