Project Builder Options Window

Use this window to change the application user interface language and to activate or change a license for the Project Builder.


This group has the following option:


Select the desired language from the list. When you start a Kofax Transformation Modules application for the first time, the language is determined by the operating system.

Important Restart the application, in order for the language change to take effect.
Help Path

The location of the help. By default, this points to the online hosted site. If you wish to use offline documentation for your design-time modules, modify this path as appropriate. For more information on configuring offline help, refer to the Kofax Transformation Modules Installation Guide.

Restore Default

If you make changes to the Help Path, you can click this button to restore the default path. This ensures that you can easily get back to the default path if you change your mind about using offline documentation, or a problem occurs.


This group has the following options:


Enter the name of the licensee for a new license activation. This field is required.


Enter the name of the licensee company for a new license activation. This field is required.


The license type is displayed to the right of the expiration date. For example, Demo, Evaluation, or Permanent.

License Key

Enter the serial number of the hardware key or software license. During the demonstration period and after the license activation, it is unnecessary to attach a hardware key to the computer to run Project Builder. You need a valid hardware key attached to your server locally or on the network, or an activated and valid software license to use Server.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.