Separation benchmarks

Benchmarks enable you to test your separation settings to ensure that they perform as expected. Generate a separation benchmark from the Documents window using Hierarchy View Documents Window - Hierarchy View icon. To get useful results from the separation benchmark, assign the documents being used to a class or use golden files.

If you use golden files, you can perform a separation benchmark immediately. If you use new test set, assign a class to the test documents before performing a separation benchmark.

The separation benchmark process loads all of the documents pages into memory and combines them into a single large multi-page document. This large document is then classified and separated using the project classification and separation settings. The separation benchmark results show the difference between the separation benchmark and the assigned class and document page counts of the actual documents.

Important You cannot generate separation benchmarks for PDF documents, TXT documents, or folders.

Also, your benchmark set cannot contain any subfolders under the Root Folder.

You can generate separation benchmarks for the following: