Script Variables window

From the Script Variables window you can define and modify global variables that you can reference from a script.

Script variables are stored in an external XML file. This is useful for projects that are being modified in several locations. For additional information, see Configuring External Script Variables.

The window lists the variables that you can access from script. If you have replaced or made changes to the script variables file while a project is open, refresh the Script Variables window.

From within your script, you can use the script variables by setting a value from the script variables object:

Table 1. Toolbar for Script Variables Window
Option Name and Description

Add icon


Adds a new script variable to the list

Delete icon


Removes the selected script variable from the list

Reload Script Variable icon


Reloads the <ProjectName>_ScriptVariables.xml file and updates the list of script variables if the file is modified while the project is open