Statistical information

Statistical information, such as server performance and recognition accuracy, helps project administrators, system administrators, and business process managers to gain visibility of information about production processes. For a period of time, statistical information is available for each field and document. This detailed information is accumulated into average daily values.

Kofax Reporting is a separate product that is developed as client/server application used by various Kofax products to store detailed and accumulated statistical data. The reporting platform does not replace existing reporting capabilities that are provided by the KTM Statistics export connector for Kofax Transformation - Statistics Viewer, Kofax Capture Report and Kofax Capture Advanced Reports.

Recognition accuracy statistics are available at the field level and as an average value for each document. Furthermore, it is possible to group the statistical information by the classification result or by other field values. You can then further evaluate the statistical data by grouping it according to the value of that field. For example, recognition accuracy or recognition computing time can be tracked for a field and then grouped by supplier or by Kofax Capture document class.

The grouping for Kofax Reporting is defined in the project settings on the General tab or set in the Statistics Setup window for the KTM Statistics export connector. For details about the window, see Synchronization Tool Help.