Rotation and mixed print recognition

When using Mixed Print recognition, there are a few interdependent options that may be required in order to successfully and consistently rotate documents during production. Since the correct orientation of a document is essential for classification and therefore, extraction, getting this right is very important.

There are three distinct and separate scenarios that can occur when using Mixed Print Recognition for rotation.

A FineReader Machine Print Page Profile Rotates a Page

In this scenario, the Machine print page profile is configured to use a page recognition profile. When documents are processed using this profile, it attempts to recognize each page. If a page is unknown, it may be rotated so it is recognized and classified correctly.

A FineReader Machine Print Page Profile Rotates a Page Using Comprehensive Orientation Detection

In this scenario, the Machine print page profile is configured to use the "Comprehensive orientation detection" option on the FineReader page recognition profile. When selected, this option thoroughly checks every page to ensure that it is rotated correctly. As a result, the time it takes to perform recognition is increased significantly.

If after processing with the above option selected on the FineReader page recognition profile, you may find that several documents are not orientated correctly. If this occurs, ensure that the "Remove background" option on the Mixed Print Recognition profile is cleared and try again.

To ensure that you are getting the best results for rotation as well as performance, perform several classification benchmarks with and without Comprehensive orientation detection selected. In addition, test the benchmark results with and without the Remove background option to determine if the loss of performance when using "Comprehensive orientation detection" is justified by improved rotation and classification results.

The Hand Print Page Profile Rotates a Page

If you have a page profile selected to detect hand print, it is possible that this profile will rotate an incorrectly orientated page.

This rotation behavior occurs in the following circumstance only:

  1. A page profile is selected for hand print recognition instead of an zone profile.

  2. The Segmentation result handling option has the "Read full page with single profile" value selected.

  3. The detected hand print area is above the Minimum hand printed area for hand print recognition threshold. When this occurs, the page is processed using the hand print profile.

Perform a classification benchmark to ensure that the rotation and subsequent classification results are as expected.