Locator order

When you add a locator to a class, it is automatically added to the bottom of the locator list in the Project Tree. At this location in the project hierarchy, it has access to the results from all of the previous locators during production. Similarly, the first locator added does not have access to the results from subsequent locators.

For those locators that rely on the results from another locator, it is essential that they are placed in the correct location in the project hierarchy. Locators whose location may be dependent on the results from other locators include:

For example, if a Classification Locator is using the results from a Bar Code Locator, it is mandatory that the Bar Code Locator is above it in the project hierarchy. If this order is not the case, the result of the Bar Code Locator is not available for the Classification Locator, and it fails as a result.

Since you do not always know ahead of time what locators use the results of others, adding your locators in the ideal order is not always possible. However, it is possible to rearrange the locator order for each class as needed.