Set up document separation

Kofax Transformation Modules can separate multi-page documents into single documents or group loose pages into multi-page documents. By default, this feature is disabled. To use document separation, you must configure a separation type.

When you enable document separation, Server performs document separation and classification before performing extraction. This is because a document needs to be correctly separated and classified before successful extraction. Separation also uses the same layout and content classifiers as classification.

For the best results, use document separation in a Kofax Capture workflow that has two Server steps. The first Server step performs classification and separation. Then Document Review runs so that any documents that were not classified or separated correctly can be fixed. The second Server step then processes extraction and validation on the correct document structure.

There are two types of document separation:

Important If you are using document separation, you cannot use dynamic classifiers. So, if you are using document separation, classification online learning can only collect documents automatically. This means that in order to improve classification, the training documents need to be imported and then your project retrained and published before the collected documents can improve classification.

Trainable document separation is compatible with projects configured in earlier versions of Kofax Transformation Modules. If you have a separation model that you created in Project Planner, you can import the model and use it in your project. However, trainable document separation is now configurable within Project Builder.

To manage document separation in your project: