Manage formatters

By default, there is a Date Formatter called DefaultDateFormatter and an Amount Formatter called DefaultAmountFormatter added to the Project Settings - Formatting tab when a project is created. The default Date Formatter has basic date formatting such as the date order and date output format. The default amount format has the default currency and typical decimal symbol formatting. There are two additional formatter types.

The best practice is that you create new formatters if the default formatters are not suitable for your needs. This ensures that you always have a version that has the default and commonly used settings.

The following locator and evaluator methods use formatters:

You can also further refine your extraction by adding a formatter to an individual field or table column.

To manage formatters, you can:

  • Add a new formatter

  • Rename a formatter

  • Modify the properties of an existing formatter

  • Delete an obsolete formatter

  • Set up a Script Formatter

  • Assign a formatter to a simple or table field