Folder Field Details

The Details window displays the folder field details when a folder field Project Tree - Field icon is selected in the Project Tree. Use these properties to define default results or select and define field formatting methods.


This group has the following options:

Fixed value

Select this option to provide a fixed value that is always assigned to this folder field. This option is cleared by default.

Display name

Type or edit a default display name for the field. If your project is configured for more than one language, you can click Localize to provide a translation for the display name.

Tip If you reference folder fields in a script it is very helpful to create a field where the field name matches the script naming conventions. For folder field names that contain disallowed characters, a default script name is mapped and needs to be used in script to reference the folder field. Keep in mind that if you have several fields that you reference by their default script name it is difficult to distinguish between those names. Therefore, for the best results, use a meaningful field name using only allowed characters and to apply a field display name to be shown on the validation or verification form that may contain special characters such as blanks, and that can be translated into various languages if wanted.
Field formatting method

Click this button to open the Project Settings - Formatting tab window where you can create a new formatter.

Field formatters are recommended for all fields that are verified in the Validation module. Select an existing formatter from the list or create a new formatter by clicking Formatters.

Always CAPITAL letters

Select this check box to restrict the result to upper case letters only.

Both the case adjustment and the formatting are performed after extraction, as well as after manual input in the Validation module.


This group has the following options:

Require manual field confirmation

If this option is selected, the field is displayed in validation as Invalid, regardless of its actual status. There is a message displayed saying that this field needs to be confirmed once. After the user confirms it by pressing enter, it undergoes the normal validation rules and behavior.

Always valid

If this option is selected, the field is always valid in validation. This flag overrules all other methods that influence the valid state of the field, like formatters and validation rules. Use this flag also if you do not place the field on the validation form in the validation form designer. That keeps an invisible field in validation from becoming invalid and, since it is invisible, uncorrectable.


This group has the following options:

Display field for verification

Select this option for this folder field to be displayed in Verification. This enables users to verify the most important fields before release to the back office system.


Users press a single key to accept the data.

If you do not want users to be able edit the data, select the User may not change field value option.

Blind double keying

Users needs to re-key the field with no knowledge of the original value.

If you want to show the previous values when a user types a mismatch, select the Show field values of no match option.


These are read-only fields used to provide context to the surrounding fields.

The following buttons are available:


Click Localize to open the Translation window, where you can provide a translation for the display name.


Click Formatters to open the Project Settings - Formatting tab window where you can create a new formatter.