Trainable Group Locator

Trainable Group Locator icon The Trainable Group Locator is an all-purpose version of a trainable locator. The three other group locators specialize in invoice documents and related fields. The Trainable Group Locator can set up between 1 and 30 additional subfields not covered by the other group locators.

For the best results, ensure that all of the fields you configure in one Trainable Group Locator belong together. The fields typically appear on the same page and are arranged closely together in the same block. To extract multiple fields that do not belong together, use multiple instances of the Trainable Group Locator. If you configure too many unrelated fields together in the same Trainable Group Locator. The extraction rates are lower because the locator expects configured and trained fields to be found in the same relationship as on the trained document. If any trained fields are missing or move to another position on the same page or to a different page, the extraction quality suffers.

Important The Trainable Group Locator only extracts the subfields from the same page of a document. The locator does not support page breaks between subfields.

The following examples describe different instances when you might use the Trainable Group Locator.

For most countries, you need to extract invoice fields not extracted by the three group locators. For example:

Fields related to the delivery of goods:

  • Delivery note number

  • Delivery date

Fields related to payment terms and corresponding discounts:

  • Discount-Target Date

  • Discount-Days

  • Discount-Percentage

  • Discount-Total

Projects for insurance companies or banks often need to extract the contract, account or insurance number. These numbers use a well-defined format and often have qualifying words close by. For example:

Contract number: 12345/678

Manage your Trainable Group Locator as follows:

The Trainable Group Locator Properties window contains the following tabs: