Re-populate line items in Validation

If the option to Automatically extract empty tables in Validation is selected on the Validation tab of the Project Settings window, it is possible to automatically populate table data.

Tables can be automatically populated when a Validation user manually lassos table line items. This gathered geometric information is then used on-the-fly to automatically populate table rows in documents with a similar layout. By manually lassoing line items, a re-extraction of the data happens. This feature can be helpful for the Validation user to fast-track the validation of documents of the same kind.

This option should be used for documents that have a single table only, where navigation backwards and forwards through a batch is minimal, and where online learning is not enabled for the table locator. Multiple tables on a single document cannot be differentiated by the re-extraction process. If the Validation user navigates back and forth between documents, already deleted line items may be overwritten unnecessarily. And finally, when online learning is enabled for the table locator, training documents are added to the training set that can cause conflicts. This is because a document is added whenever manual changes are made to the document. Some of these documents may not be suitable for online learning and managing training conflicts is time consuming and may be difficult.