Edit a batch

You can perform all batch modifications in Project Builder in either the Documents window or in Test Validation. The Documents window can be used for batch modifications by selecting batch editing operations from the Hierarchy view. In Test Validation you have to switch to the Edit Batch mode to perform batch editing operations.

In the Document windows Hierarchy view, from the shortcut menu, batch editing is provided for pages, documents, and folders. You can select multiple pages, documents, and folders to perform some of the batch editing operations and you can use drag-and-drop functionality.

Important Physical changes such as deleting a folder, deleting a document, deleting pages, or moving all pages to another document, affect the associated documents or images on the file system. This change is also propagated to all dependent document subsets. However, changes such as splitting a document or merging two documents are not applied until clicking Save from the Documents window toolbar. Only then are the default document subset and the "All Documents" subset affected. Other dependent document subsets are not modified.
Important Almost all batch editing functions that physically change a document are disabled for PDF documents. This means that you cannot delete pages, split a PDF document, or merge two PDF documents. You can however, rotate pages and move, or delete PDF documents.

To edit a batch, you can:

In addition you can:

You can perform batch editing operations by following these steps:

  1. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  2. If a different view is in use, switch to the Hierarchy view Documents Window - Hierarchy View icon.
    Note The Hierarchy view is available only for test sets or benchmark sets when the default document subset is selected. If any other document subset is selected, the Hierarchy View Documents Window - Hierarchy View icon toolbar option is not available.
  3. Select the desired folder, document or page. You can also select multiple items.
  4. On the shortcut menu, select Edit Edit Document icon.
  5. On the Edit submenu, select one of the available batch editing operations you want to perform.
  6. Optionally, repeat the previous step until the batch is correctly organized.
  7. Click Save Document Set Save Document Set icon or Save Selected Documents Save icon to save your changes.