General tab - Address Evaluator Properties window

The Address Evaluator General tab enables you to configure an address database. The following options are available:

Import File

Browse to and select a database file that is used for validating the alternatives returned by this evaluator. This database needs to contain delimited fields, such as a CSV or text file.

Import Options

This group has the following options:

Ignore Case

Select this option to convert all search and lookup strings to lower case, effectively ignoring case.This option is selected by default.

First line contains caption

Select this option if the first record of the input file contains the column headers. This option is selected by default.

Field delimiter

Type values into this field to specify what characters separate the import file content into individual fields. The value for this option is set to ; by default.

String Substitution

This group has the following table and options:

The string substitution table substitutes Search Text with Replacement Text in the document and in the database. It is used to normalize the results of the text search.

Database Preview

This group displays several rows from the database so you can see if it contains the correct information.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.