Table header packs

Table header packs enhance the capabilities of a Table Locator as follows:

  1. Identifies the header lines of a table, which helps the system learn to distinguish between what is a table header line, and what is not.

  2. Defines possible keywords for each column in the model. For example, in English, the "Quantity" column can be identified by the keywords "quantity,"" quant.," "qty," and so forth. In German, the column might be called "Menge,"" Bestellmenge,"" Anz," and so on.

The quality of a table header pack is displayed on the Project Settings Tables tab. The quality increases as you train more header lines and provide more keywords for columns. As you train additional documents, the table header pack becomes more adept at recognizing the table header lines. For the best results, use at least 100 different invoices to train table header packs.

Note The installation process installs a number of predefined table header packs in the installation directory. Import and modify the packs as required.

Once a header line is recognized, you can link a header keyword to a table column. Manage table header packs as follows:

  • Add a new table header pack

  • Modify a table header pack

  • Rename a table header pack

  • Delete a table header pack

  • Export a table header pack to use in another project

  • Import a table header pack

Note Once added, information about each header pack appears in the Edit Table Header Pack window in the tabs at the top of the screen.