Script Formatter Properties window

A script formatter is used to perform special formatting for an input field that is based on script programming.


This group has the following option:

Field data type

Select a value from the list to generate sample script code that corresponds to the selected field data type. You may Copy the sample code to the Script Editor to add it to your script.

A field can have one of three data types.

  • Text. Contains textual data. This is the default value for this option.

  • Double/Amount. Contains numeric data.

  • Date. Contains data related to dates.

Script Sample

This group contains a script function that you can copy to the Script Editor and modify to suit your formatting needs.

You can select all text with the Select button, and copy the contents to the clipboard using the Copy button.


To test the settings, enter some sample input text and click Format. The sample text is formatted per the settings and displayed in the output field. If the sample cannot be formatted per the settings, a warning or error message is displayed.

In addition to the common Project Builder buttons, the following buttons are provided:

Show Script

Click this button to open the Script Code window.

Note The script is stored automatically in the project file.