A2iA CheckReader

A2iA CheckReader locates information on checks, money orders, deposit slips and other related payment documents. The recognition engine extracts the data while providing image quality, image usability and check validity. Selecting this option also enables you to add custom subfields.

The A2iA Zone Locator using the CheckReader recognition can:

  • compare the payee name on the check to the issue file and detect modifications.

  • offer fraud and counterfeit detection features such as Check Stock Validation and Blacklist Detection.

  • perform Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR) and Legal Amount Recognition (LAR) in independent processes and enable it to detect mismatched Courtesy and Legal amounts in real-time.

  • check the image quality for bent corners, streaks, bands or check for an image that is too dark.

  • check the image usability for the information on the check if it is present and readable.

  • examine check validity if the image contains the data that is appropriate to the transaction.

An image that shows examples of cursive or handwritten data.
Tip As a tutorial, Kofax Transformation Modules offers sample projects. These sample projects contain the settings necessary to demonstrate what is needed to use the A2iA Zone locator. During installation, sample projects are copied as zip files to C:\Program Files\Kofax\Transformation \Samples. Each zip file contains a complete set of folders for the sample project, sample documents and training sets.
Important A characteristic behavior of the A2iA recognition engine is that the words in extraction results are displayed only in capital letters and delimited with an underscore.

For document fields that are extracted with an A2iA Zone Locator, exact character editing is not possible. No information is available at character level and therefore you cannot use Correction and the OCR Voting Evaluator for these fields.