Advanced Zone Locator

Advanced Zone Locator icon Use this locator method to extract data that is located in a consistent position across all documents in a class. For example, to extract data from structured documents such as forms.

To set up the locator you configure different kind of zones on a reference document so that during processing the content of each zone is read character by character. This locator is the only locator in Kofax Transformation Modules that performs its own recognition rather than reusing the full-page recognition results.

The Advanced Zone Locator can use a different recognition zone profile for each zone. This provides specific optimizations for hand- and machine-printed characters, alphanumeric characters, and character subsets per zone. In addition, you can apply image preprocessing profiles for each zone to remove static background or noise, leaving clean image snippet.

Reading forms with zones requires that the zones are positioned at precisely the correct location. This is called zone registration. Kofax Transformation Modules provides automatic registration that works well for documents with a significant background structure. Automatic registration requires little effort for set up and testing, and the best practice is that you use it whenever possible. For documents printed and scanned with drop-out colors or with an improper background structure, you can define manual anchors to register zones. Doing so requires more set up and testing but provides more control over how zones are registered.

Important Although you can click tabs in any order, configure the necessary settings on the General tab before proceeding to the other tabs.
Note A project created in a previous version of Project Builder that uses the outdated Zone Locator, is automatically updated to only use the Advanced Zone Locator as soon as it is opened in Project Builder version Kofax Transformation Modules 6.3.0.

To manage an Advanced Zone Locator:

The Advanced Zone Locator Properties window contains the following tabs: