Text anchor zone recognition

When configuring a text anchor, it is important to select a suitable zone recognition profile to ensure that you have the best recognition results as possible. If you do not select a suitable profile, a warning is displayed to let you know that there may be a problem.

The recognition profile is configured on the Anchor Properties window.

For example, if you are using a FineReader Zone profile, the following settings could result in poor recognition. A warning is displayed if any of these options are selected.

  • Single line

  • One word per line

  • One line per block

Similarly, if you are using a RecoStar Zone profile, the following setting could result in poor recognition. A warning is displayed if this option is configured in this way.

  • If Number of lines is set to "Manual" and a line value is specified that does not match your anchor text.

For the best results, review all of the settings in the selected recognition profile that could influence recognition. For example, review settings such as country, language, print type, and content type. If necessary, test different settings to determine the best configuration for your text anchor.

Note If you modify an existing zone recognition profile so it works for your text anchor, this change is propagated throughout your entire project. If there are no suitable zone profiles available in your project, you should copy an existing zone profile or create a new zone profile rather than modifying an existing zone that may be used elsewhere. This ensures that you do not adversely affect any other zones or locators that are using the original zone recognition profile.