Considerations and limitations of masked areas

The following considerations and limitations are present when configuring masked areas:

Important You have to ensure that the classification result for documents that have masked areas is 100% correct. If a document is not classified correctly and you change the classification result in Validation by assigning a different class, the validation form for the other classes may not have the same areas masked or masked at a different position. If the document is then displayed the hidden area may be visible to the user.

If desired, you can use the Document Review module to check or correct the classification result. For Validation you need to hide the class list so that the user cannot change the classification result. Another possibility is to use masked areas for single class projects only, having this class set as the default classification result.

No Rotation

Documents that have masked areas cannot be rotated in Validation. Rotation may expose the hidden text. A warning is displayed when the user attempts to rotate such documents in Validation.

Tip The best practice is to make sure that the documents are scanned correctly to avoid the need to rotate them.
Script debugging

To prohibit reading recognition results from an XDoc via script, script debugging needs to be disabled for such a project. Use the Extended Synchronization settings to set this option.

Batch editing

Disable batch editing for validation steps that have masked areas as the Batch Edit Viewer does not display the mask. Use the extended synchronization settings to set this option.


If you lasso across a masked area in the Document Viewer pane no recognition results are added to the selected field.

No Auto Complete

To make sure that no data from a masked area is shown to the user by accident, you need to disable auto complete for any field on a validation form when one or more masked areas are defined.

If you add a masked area to an already customized validation form you should verify that all fields on the validation form have the Auto Complete option set to FALSE.