Local Fuzzy Database automatic updates

The "Automatic update from import file" option on the Local Fuzzy Database Properties window enables you to control how a Local Fuzzy Database behaves with respect to its source file. This option is commonly selected because a database changes frequently, and it is important to keep the database up-to-date.

If this option is enabled, the local copy gets updated if the database source file has a newer file date than the project copy of that file. The update is performed by Kofax Transformation Modules - Server automatically. The source file is searched using the absolute path specified in when you set up your Local Fuzzy Database. If there are differences in the source file, the local file is overwritten with a new copy.

In order for Server to be able to update the local copy, the Server needs the necessary permissions to access the source file. This is especially important when the database is updated regularly and the source file is stored on a network.

If this options is cleared, no changes are made to the local copy of the database file automatically. In order to ensure that your local copy of the database is the same as the source file, you can update the database to get the most recent database changes.