Edit batches

Batch Editing is an interactive way for users to modify the structure of a batch using one of the following modules:

You can enable batch editing for a project on the Document Review and Validation tab of the Extended Synchronization Settings window. See the Help for Kofax Transformation Modules Synchronization Tool for more information.

For testing batch editing actions in combination with script implementations, you need to use Test Validation.

Note If a document has one or more masks applied, several batch operations are not available. It is not possible to move, add, or delete a page. You cannot create a new document or page, nor can you split or merge documents.

Batch operations are provided for pages, documents, and folders. You can select multiple pages, documents, and folders to perform some of the batch editing operations and you can use drag-and-drop functionality. To edit a batch, you can:

Important Almost all editing functions that change a document are disabled for PDF documents. Therefore, you cannot delete pages, split a PDF document, or merge two PDF documents. However, you can rotate pages and reject, move, delete, or add sticky notes to PDF documents.