Fixed value

If a fixed value is defined, and a locator is already mapped to the field, then the mapping is changed to <Default="Test Value">. This means that the field cannot be mapped to a locator and that the confidence and distance values for validation are disabled and cannot be set.

To insert the fixed value, you have to edit the Field Properties.

If a fixed value is defined for the properties of a field, but you subsequently select a locator, then the fixed value is lost.

You can also use special variables as a fixed value. These variables are stored as XValues and those available for the current document can be used to populate the field. To use an XValue as fixed value, type $(XValue key name). If the XValue key exists, its value is written to the field. If the XValue key does not exist, the field remains empty. For details about available XValues and how to create user-defined XValues, refer to theScripting Help - Applying Scripting - Accessing Kofax Capture Data.