TIFF image files

To process scanned (or later imported) documents with Kofax Transformation Modules, the best practice is to use sample images in the same compression format as the Kofax Capture Scan module provides. Refer to your Kofax Capture documentation for more information about using the Kofax Capture Scan module.

Multi-page TIFF files need to be split into multiple single-page files before they are processed by Kofax Transformation Modules. This is done automatically by the Kofax Capture Scan module.

When a document is scanned, each page is saved as a TIFF image file. Kofax Transformation Modules supports the following TIFF (.tif) compression formats:

Bi-tonal (black and white)
  • Uncompressed

  • Fax TIFF - G3 (CCITT Group 3)

  • Fax TIFF - G4 (CCITT Group 4)

  • RLE (Run Length Encoded)

  • Packbits

Note Kofax Transformation Modules does not support 8-bit indexed (palette) TIFF formats.

The standard compression format for fax and bi-tonal images is TIFF - G4.

256-level grayscale and 24-bit RGB
  • Uncompressed

  • TIFF - JPEG compression