Automatic zone recognition with the Zone Wizard

The Zone Wizard can be used to automatically detect and add zones to a document based on the layout of a form. This is an ideal way of configuring an Advanced Zone Locator if your document has a lot of data that needs to be captured using multiple zones.

Note If your document contains 10 or fewer pieces of information for zone recognition, it might be easier to use manual zone recognition instead.

Use the Zone Wizard to detect zones in the following circumstances:

  • If you have not configured your Advanced Zone Locator and you have a large form with many pieces of information that you want to capture.

  • If you have an existing Advanced Zone Locator that already has one or more configured zones and you want to add many more zones to capture additional information on that same document.

The Zone Wizard enables you to automatically create zones using these steps.

Detect Zones

This step analyzes a document and determines which parts of a document contain information that can be extracted using a zone. The total number of detected zones is displayed in the status bar of the Zone Wizard window.

Accept Zones

Once you have removed all unwanted zones or selected the detected zones, click Accept Zones to save the displayed zones and corresponding subfields for each of the remaining revealed zones.

The newly created zones are then available for editing in the Document Viewer (Zone Mode) window or on the Zones tab after closing the Zone Wizard window. You can do any of the following:

For the best results, ensure that you optimize your documents before performing zone discovery.