Always valid option

If Always valid in the Details window for the field is selected, a field or table column is valid after extraction or during validation even if:

  • the extraction was not confident

  • a formatting method failed

  • a validation method failed

In the case of a formatting failure or a validation method failure, an error message is displayed inside the field or table column.

Use the Always valid option to set a field’s status to "valid," even though the status returned from extraction is invalid. If this option is selected, you do not need to validate this field or table column during validation.

Important The best practice is to select the Always valid field option for any read-only field or those not shown on a validation form. During Server processing, the status of the field is always set to valid. If all document fields are valid, the document does not need to be displayed in Validation.

If you do not set this option, then if a document contains invalid fields after extraction the field is forced valid. This means that all read-only fields and any fields that are not shown on a validation form is set to valid automatically in validation.