Field Group Details

The details about the fields within a field group are displayed in the Details window whenever a Field Group Field Group icon is selected in the Project Tree.

If you want to view and edit all of the fields in the field group at once, you can click on the "Show Fields of Field Group in Multi-Selection" button.

When you click this button, a grid displays all of the details for the fields in this field group and is separated into three distinct areas:

  • The Field column lists all of the fields in the field group and is always visible when you scroll through the different options on the right.

  • A scrollable list of field details is displayed to the right of the fields while the list of fields on the left is still visible.

  • An editable row is displayed across the top of the scrollable field options. This can be used to edit a single field or multiple fields selected in the Fields column.

Here, all common settings that are in all fields in the selected field group can be edited at once.