Dictionary replacement text

When configuring a dictionary, you can select a dictionary with multiple options per line. Only the first two lines are recognized by Project Builder so if your dictionary has more than two options per line, they are simply ignored.

The first option in an entry is the Word that is recognized on the document. The second option in an entry is the Replacement Text. This is the value that is saved in the XDoc value. This technique is commonly used to format extracted data so it is stored in a consistent manner regardless of the format on a document.

For example, your dictionary contains the following options:


A document contains the following dates:

Jan 20, 2009
March 16, 2009

When extraction is performed, both "Jan" and "March" are recognized as months. These month Word strings are automatically formatted to use the numeric Replacement Text format instead. As a result of this dictionary replacement and the other Date Formatter properties, the value stored in the XDocument has the following format:


The Replacement Text option in a dictionary is also used as the description of a combobox entry.