Configure Trainable Document Separation

To configure Trainable Document Separation (TDS), each class in the project needs many test documents. If you created a Project Planner TDS model in an earlier version of Kofax Transformation Modules, import that model rather than configuring TDS a second time. You can configure trainable document separation by following these steps:

  1. On the Project tab, in the Configuration group, select Project Settings Project Settings icon.
  2. Click the Document Separation tab to view the document separation settings.
  3. Select Trainable Document Separation (TDS).

    Several TDS options become available.

  4. Optionally, edit the TDS Page Classifier Properties.
  5. If your project includes child classes and subtree classification, select Run subtree classification based on TDS classification result if possible.

    Subtree classification uses the TDS classification result.

  6. Optionally, if you do not want to use the TDS classification result for classification, select Discard TDS classification result and classify document again.

    The TDS classification result is ignored for document classification.

  7. Open the Project Tree window if it is not already open.
  8. Open the Details window if it is not already open.
  9. For each class in your project, click the class in the Project Tree.

    The class details are displayed in the Details window.

  10. In the Trainable Document Separation group on the class details, specify a Minimum page count and a Maximum page count that the document can contain.

    If the maximum value is set to 0, then the document page counts are unlimited.

  11. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  12. Add training documents to the Classification Set for each class in your project.
  13. Confirmed the training documents in your Classification Set.
  14. Train and test your separation settings.
  15. Save the changes to your project.