Paper and print

Paper Size

Kofax products can process nearly all paper sizes. Please consult the scanner vendor for maximum and minimum paper sizes that are supported.

Note Very large formats such as A3, or Ledger, are difficult to display on a standard screen.
Mechanical Quality

As a general rule, consider paper norms such as German DIN V 6723, which is paper for data processing. It is recommended to use the 50 g/m2 - 130 g/m2 paper weight for A5 - A3, and 50 g/m2 for A6 documents (postcard size).

Optical Paper Quality

Follow the norms for optical quality. For example, the German norm DIN 66223 (part 1, chapter 3) specifies the recommended whiteness and reflection coefficient. It strongly recommends that glossy paper is not used, and that the opacity should be at least 85%.