Enable automatic field completion

Auto completion is provided for simple fields defined as a "Textbox." This functionality predicts the word or phrase the user wants to type in without typing it in completely. Auto completion is not available for table fields.

If the user edits a field, for each inserted character the input is searched within the recognition results of the currently displayed document page to display possible completions. If less than 11 hits are found, a list is displayed. The input for the field is completed for the first list item and the result is shown in the Mini viewer. All possible hits are highlighted in yellow on the current page in the Document Viewer. The item that is selected in the list is marked with a red or green border. By default, auto completion is case sensitive. If you want to ignore case sensitivity, set the corresponding Ignore Case property in the Field Properties.

If the auto completion is correct, you can either press Enter to validate the field or press Esc to accept the result without validating the field. In this case the current field status is kept. If you press Shift + Esc, the auto completed value is accepted, but the location of the field on the document page is not. If the completion is not correct, you continue typing additional characters, or if the correct item is already listed, use the up and down arrow keys to select the item from the list and then press either Enter or Esc. In any case, pressing Esc disables auto completion until you clear the field again.

The list may contain the item several times as the same recognition result may occur several times on the document page but at different locations.

Note When using Extraction Online Learning, the user needs to select the correct item from the list so that the correct geometric information is saved for the field and the system can actually learn where the correct value is located on the document.

Automatic field completion can be enabled for document fields as well as for folder fields.

You can enable automatic field completion by following these steps:

  1. In the Project Tree, locate the class with the validation form to update.
  2. On the Design tab, in the Validation Forms group, click Customize.

    If you configured the project for more than one Validation step, select Step <n> from the submenu, where <n> is the number of the step whose validation form you are customizing.

    The Validation Form Layout window displays the form in a standard layout if you are defining the form for the first time, or your customized form.

  3. Select the field on the validation form that you want to configure for auto completion.

    The Field Properties pane is displayed to the right of the document pane.

  4. Optionally, increase the width of the properties pane. Hover over the space between the properties pane and the document pane until the mouse changes, and then drag the mouse to the left as far as required.
    Note Any changes you make here to the window layout are saved. The next time you open the validation form, the same layout is displayed.

    The properties pane is larger so that you can see all of the options available.

  5. To enable auto completion, select TRUE for the Auto complete property.

    Select FALSE in the list to disable auto completion.

  6. Optionally, if you want to ignore the case for the search change the Ignore Case value to TRUE.

    In general the search for recognition results on a document page is context-sensitive and the corresponding property, Ignore case is set to FALSE.

  7. When you are finished, on the Windows menu, click Close.

    The Validation Form Layout window is closed and your changes are saved.