Subtree classifiers

When there is a class hierarchy in your Project Tree, you can configure your project to classify documents as a child class rather than a parent class. To do this, use subtree classifiers.

Before you can use subtree classification, it must be enabled for the parent class, and sample documents for each child class are needed. Once enabled, configure class details for subtree classification, and add or modify the Subtree Classifier settings for the class.

When subtree classification is used, an extra classification step occurs during the classification process. First, the process determines the parent class and then runs subtree classification to determine if a child class is more suitable. Both classification results are awarded a classification confidence, and these confidences are compared using hierarchical evaluation to determine the final classification result.

Depending on how you configure subtree classification and your hierarchical rules, the final classification result of a document may be awarded to a child class that has a lower confidence than the parent.

You can manage your subtree classifiers in the following ways:

  • Enable subtree classification for a class

  • Add a Subtree Classifier

  • Modify a Subtree Classifier

  • Delete a Subtree Classifier