Resolve training conflicts

If your project has training conflicts, you need to resolve them or your results may be negatively affected. A training conflict can be as simple as two documents with the same information found in different locations. The documents are grouped by Layout ID. This helps you decide which documents need to be removed from your training set and which can be fixed.

Important For the best results, ensure that your training documents contain training data for all trainable fields.

When you attempt to train your project for extraction, an error message is displayed if there are any conflicts in your training data. You can now resolve the conflicts by following these steps:

  1. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  2. If a different view is in use, switch to the List view Documents Window - Flat View icon.
  3. In the Project Tree, select the class that has training conflicts.
  4. In the Documents window, select the Extraction Set.
  5. On the Documents toolbar, click Resolve Conflicts.

    The Resolve Conflicts window is displayed.

  6. Solve the conflict by doing one of the following:
    1. Examine both documents and identify which document has the incorrect field data. On that document, lasso the correct field value and position.

      The new field value is compared to the other document. If they no longer conflict, the lassoed area changes from red to blue.

    2. Exclude the conflicting field value only. Click either Delete Left Conflicting Field Data, Delete Right Conflicting Field Data, or Delete Conflicting Data from Both Documents, depending on which field is at fault.

      Use these options when you want to keep both documents in the training set because there are other fields on the documents that are important for training issues.

    3. Delete the entire document with the conflict by clicking Delete Left Document, Delete Right Document, or Delete Both Documents.

      Use these options when you do not want to keep one or both of the documents in your training set.

    Tip If the correct data is not present on the document or illegible, delete the entire document rather than just the field data. This will reduce the chances of further conflicts for documents with this Layout ID.

    A list of conflicts remaining and resolved is displayed at the bottom of the Resolve Conflicts window. This helps you see the progress you are making.

    Note As you fix a conflict, the project is automatically trained and the list of remaining conflicts is updated. Fixing a single conflict may automatically resolve other conflicts with the same problem, or it can generate additional conflicts.
  7. Click Next Unresolved Conflict to move and resolve the next conflict.

  8. Once all conflicts are resolved, a message box is displayed. Click OK to close the Resolve Conflicts window.