Cut and paste a class

You can move a class by cutting a class from one location and pasting it to another location. Use this method if you are working with a large project that has many classes, and where moving a class using drag-and-drop is difficult because you cannot see the entire project and its classes.

For example, a parent class has three child classes that are variations of an application form for a loan. A new loan form is initially created as a standalone class. The form creator later decides that the new class is actually a variation of the parent application form and should be moved.

You can move a class using cut and paste by by following these steps:

  1. Open the Project Tree window if it is not already open.
  2. Expand the Project Tree and select the class to move.
  3. On the Ribbon Design tab, in the Edit group, click Cut Cut icon.
  4. In the Project Tree, select the new position within the class hierarchy.
  5. On the Ribbon Design tab, in the Edit group, click Paste Paste icon.

    The class appears in the new location.