Classification Benchmark Comparison window

Use this window to compare saved classification results. When you first open this window, the baseline, if it exists, it loads automatically into the Benchmark 1 pane. If there is no baseline, you can manually select the files you are comparing. Additionally, the most recent benchmark file loads into the Benchmark 2 pane. You can select and compare any two classification benchmark files.


Each of these groups have the following options:

Select Benchmark

Select the desired benchmark file in the list.


The date and time that the benchmark file was saved. This field is read-only.


The precision and recall values saved in the benchmark file. This field is read-only.


The comment added when the benchmark is saved. This field is read-only.


If selected, all other benchmarks are compared to the results in this benchmark file. Clear it to set another file as the baseline.

Result Matrix

Click this button to display the benchmark results in graphical format.


Click this button to delete the benchmark file from the project.

Project Statistics Comparison

This group displays read-only statistics for each of the selected benchmark files, as well as their differences.

The following statistics are compared for the two benchmark files:

  • Recall

  • Precision

  • Threshold Settings

Class Statistics Comparison

This group displays the precision and recall statistics, as well as the differences between the two benchmark files for each class in the project.