Activate the license

You can use the Kofax Transformation Modules setup to install Project Builder using a demonstration license that is valid for three days from the date of installation. Until the license expires, you can use Project Builder without any restrictions.

After the expiration date, only the license activation component of Project Builder works. Until activation is complete, you are prompted to activate the license each time you attempt to start the software.

License activation enables you to use Project Builder on a single computer with a valid serial number by either using a hardware key or a software license. After activation, the hardware key is no longer required by Project Builder.

During startup, the serial number, the name of the user and the company name, and the current Kofax Transformation Modules version are displayed in the Project Builder splash screen. If a time-restricted license is used for activation, the expiration date is also displayed. Project Builder does not work after the expiration date: a permanent license does not expire.

You can activate a license by following these steps:

  1. Start the Kofax License Utility application to configure and check the license information for the used license hardware key or software license.

    For details how to configure a license hardware key or a software license, see Kofax Capture documentation.

  2. During the demo period, the user is asked to activate the license each time the application starts. You can continue starting Project Builder without activating the license by clicking No. To activate the license, click Yes, the Activate License window is displayed.
    Note From the Kofax Button, select Options to enter the license key, change the license type, or to change the display values for the user and company names.
  3. When you start Project Builder after the demo period, the Activate License window is displayed and the license needs to be activated with a license hardware key or a software license before Project Builder can be used again.