Fields tab - Database Locator Properties window

Once a database is specified for this locator on the General tab, the two tables on this tab should automatically populate with the database field information. The physical relationship of database fields on a document can be specified on this tab to ensure that the correct information is extracted. This is done with a combination of field and group properties.

Field Properties

This group has the following table columns:

Field name

This read-only field is populated automatically from the database.

Group index

This option can be used to indicate that field values should have some sort of identifiable geometric relationship with each other. The value for this option is set to "Not grouped" by default.


This option is used to specify the expected proximity of the words in a field. The options available for the distance are near, very close, same line, and medium. The value for this option is set tonear by default..


Select the level of importance for the field from normal, low, very low, high, or must exist. This option indicates how critical the existence of the value is in the database.


If this option is selected, the results do not use the text actually found on the document. Instead the extracted text is replaced by the corresponding value from the database. Most of the time, you want the original record from the database to be used as the result rather than the sometimes incorrect data from the document. Other times you want to rely on the extracted recognition text. This option is selected by default.

Group Properties

This group has the following table columns:

Group name

This is a read-only column that lists the names of the available groups.


This option is similar to the Distance option in the "Field properties" group, but it applies to the entire group. The value for this option is set to near by default.

Contained fields

This is a read-only list of fields contained in a group.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.