Vendor Locator

Vendor Locator icon The Vendor Locator detects and evaluates the vendor information from an invoice using results from a Database Locator combined with the results of other locators. The results provide information such as vendor ID, name, address, VAT ID, banking details and purchase order numbers, enabling the Vendor Locator to match them with database records and identify the vendor with a high level of confidence.

An image showing the role of the Vendor Locator.

The primary input for the Vendor Locator comprises the results of a Database Locator that uses a vendor database. Use a purchase order database to improve vendor detection. A database containing addresses that should not be found, can reduce the number of detected alternatives.

Compared with the Database Locator that identifies the vendor based on a vendor database search, the Vendor Locator utilizes special rules against unique identifiers such as the VAT ID, company code, or banking details.

Increase the quality of the results and vendor detection by evaluating data from a Database Locator in combination with results from input locators, including the following:

  • Script Locator for company code input

  • Format Locator for Tax ID/VAT ID

  • Invoice Group Locator for vendor ID

  • Format Locator for banking details

Manage a Vendor Locator as follows:

The Vendor Locator Properties window has the following tabs: