Test Verification

You can test verification settings using Test Verification. Test Verification provides most of the same functionality as the Verification user module, but is within Project Builder.

Important Test Verification can be run only after Test Validation has processed the selected document set, document subset, or individual documents.

In the Test Verification application, the Current Error pane shows the error description for an unverified field and is part of the InPlace Editor. However, the InPlace Editor is optional and need not be included on the form. If it is not included, the Current Error pane is shown at the bottom of the extraction field area.

Before testing your verification settings, you should have completed the following:

You can test your verification settings in Test Verification by following these steps:

  1. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  2. Select the document set and the document subset that contains your validated documents.
  3. On the Ribbon Process tab, in the Test group, select Verify Test - Verification icon.

    Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut F8 to open Test Verification.

    The Test Verification window is displayed and the selected documents are available for verification.

  4. Process each document as needed and close the Test Verification window when you are finished.