Test language customization

When you open the validation form designer for a class or folder, all validation form objects such as field labels, buttons, and tabs are displayed for the selected project design language that is defined on the Localization tab in the project settings. Within the validation form designer you can temporarily change the language to assure that the size of the labels is sufficient for a provided translation by selecting the desired language from the Active language property on the General Properties pane. The language is reverted to the project design language when you reopen the validation form designer.

To test a translated validation or verification form and their error messages for a specific language in Project Builder Test Validation and Test Verification you need to set the project design language. Process a document set and open the Test Validation or Test Verification to test any translations for the desired language.

Finally, you can test the language customization for any Kofax Transformation Modules application. The selected application language determines the language for the graphical user interface as well as the language for the customizable elements such as the labels of the validation form or the error messages.

Note The customizable elements can be displayed for the selected application language only if the language is configured for the project of the processed batch.