Duplicate a document subset

If you want to create a new document subset based on an existing subset, you can create an exact copy that can later be modified to suit your needs. You can only copy a document subset within the same document set, and the copied document subset is a reference copy only. This means that the original files are still in their original location on the filesystem, but your document set refers to the same document in multiple document subsets.

Note You can duplicate document subsets in a test set only. This is because document information is tracked and recorded for the other document set types, and a duplicate subset would conflict each time a change was made.

You can duplicate a document subset by following these steps:

  1. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  2. Click in the document set that contains the document subset that you want to duplicate.

    The document set expands and the list of its document subsets is displayed.

  3. On the list of document subsets, right-click the subset and select Duplicate.

    A window is displayed where you can provide a name for your new subset.

  4. Type a name and click OK.

    The new document subset is added to the document set.