Validation Document Result pane

This pane displays the classification results and the fields that need to be validated.

This pane consists of the following sections:

Classification Result

At the very top of the pane, the Classification Result shows the class of the selected document. All available classes are displayed in the list.

The number of valid and invalid fields is also provided.

Folder Fields

If foldering is enabled, the folder fields are displayed in the upper part of the Document Result pane. This area may be visually separated from the document fields region, depending on the configuration options specified by your solution integrator.

Note Folder fields are only displayed if foldering is applied.
Document Fields

There are different field types, such as simple fields or table fields.

The display of the fields is based on the Validation Form Layout that was created by your solution integrator.

The validation form may consist of several tabs, which display the fields and tables. If the validation form was designed for only one tab in Validation, no tab is shown. You can have several tables on a form, and various settings enable you to anchor them or show or hide toolbars. The table status (valid or invalid) is shown in the right corner of the table toolbar. You may force a table to be valid by clicking the Make table valid button on the toolbar.

You may use Tab or Shift + Tab to move from table cell to table cell, similar to navigating through fields.

Table 1. Table Toolbar
Option Name and Description
Delete Row icon

Delete Row

Removes the selected row from the table.

Important This action cannot be undone by using the Undo command.
Add Row icon

Add Row

Adds an empty row at the end of the table.

Important This action cannot be undone by using the Undo command.
Insert Row icon

Insert Row

Inserts an empty row in the table. The row is inserted above the selected cells or table row.

Important This action cannot be undone by using the Undo command.
Interpolate Row icon

Interpolate rows

Attempts to automatically complete a table that you have partially captured in a manual step. It is sufficient to capture one row manually with the mouse. This button is only enabled when a table row is selected.

Show Hidden Rows icon

Toggle Show Hidden Columns

Shows or hides columns that are defined for a table model in Project Builder.

Make Table Valid icon

Make table valid

This button is only enabled when the table is empty.