Subfields tab - Advanced Zone Locator Properties window

Most locators, such as format locators, produce only one result. The Advanced Zone Locator can produce multiple results, known as subfields. The Subfields tab enables you to map zones that determine how data is extracted and mapped to these subfields.

The Subfield Definition group lists all subfields as well as enables you manage those subfields using the following buttons:


Click to add a subfield. In the Name column, type a name for your subfield. The best practice for naming subfields is that you use the naming convention "SF_<Descriptive Name>."


Click to remove the currently selected subfield.

Note For the CheckReader you cannot delete the subfields.

Click to change the name of the selected subfield.


By default, a subfield is created automatically and mapped to the zones. If you have deleted the subfield and want to create a new subfield automatically, then click this button. The mapping on this tab is intended to be used for zones that were added manually and where the subfields were not generated automatically.

Note If you are using the CheckReader you cannot delete the subfields and as a result, the Generate button is disabled.

The Zone/Subfield Mapping group lists each subfield and their corresponding zone.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.