Review tab - Clustering window

Use the Review tab to look over the results of the automatic discovery process, and to confirm the categorization results. You can use keyboard shortcuts to review the documents.

You can choose how to sort the documents by selecting the following option:

Group by cluster label

Select this option if you want to group the documents based on their cluster label. Clear this option to arrange the documents in alphabetical order.

Using the tabular document view on the left of the Review tab, you can review, sort and group the document categories. You can group by a particular column by dragging a column header onto the area above the table. The following columns are available:

File Name

The name of the document. These are organized into clusters.

Cluster Label

Displays the document cluster label. Unconfirmed documents have a Confirm button and unclustered documents have a list so that you can select the desired cluster label.

Cluster Status

Displays the current status of the document. The cluster status for a document can be confirmed, unconfirmed, unclustered, or unlabeled.


Displays the content confidence of the documents.


Displays the layout confidence of the documents.


Select this option for each document that you want excluded from the assign step.

The thumbnail view displays pages of the currently selected document in the preceding table. If more pages of the document are available, you can use the scrollbar below the thumbnail viewer. By default, the maximum number of pages to display is 10.

The document viewer on the right displays an enlarged page in the highlighted document. At the top of the document viewer, you can navigate to any page within the selected document by selecting the thumbnail view of the page.

In addition to the common Project Builder buttons, the following buttons are available:


Click to assign the selected document to the suggested cluster.


Click to assign the selected document a different cluster than the one suggested.

Update Clustering

Click this button if you have made any changes to the Review tab. A further clustering step is performed and if there are no more unclustered documents, you are forwarded to the Assign tab.